<strong>Quality:</strong> High quality blades. Very sharp and straight from the manufacturing plant. Why pay the high price of a name brand product. If blades don't meet your expectation, return the blades for a refund within amazons policy and guidelines.. <p> <p><strong>How to use:</strong> To use the rotary cutter, ensure you have a sharp blade in your handle tool. Apply even pressure as you roll across the fabric or paper <p> <p> <strong>What is it used for:</strong> The tool is used by quilters and fiber artists to cut multiple layers of fabric or paper at ounce. However, paper can dull the blade so we recommend you use one blade for paper and a separate blade for fabrics<p> <p> <strong>Application:</strong> All fabric types, paper, vinyl, thin rubber<p> <p> <strong>Blade Material:</strong> SKS-7 steel is resistance and superior high temperature resistance that it is widely used for cutter, hack saw, metal band saw and rotary cutter blades. This makes the blade a high quality blade<p> <strong>What handle tool can use these bladed?: </strong>Olfa, Fiskar, True cut, and all universal rotary cutter handles. See images for two examples of a universal rotary cutter handle<p> <p> <strong>What is the size and thickness of the blade?</strong> 45mm and .3mm thick<p> <p> <strong>How to dispose of blades:</strong> Recycle your blades at a metal recycling center or have them re-sharpened. Save our planet and reduce landfilled waste and do not throw away blades in the trash. Recycle plastic case or use plastic case<p>

Product Features

  • Universal blades that fit most handle tools such as olfa and fiskar
  • SKS-7 Steel Very Sharp Blades in a snap case wrapped each in a bubble wrap envelope
  • 10 High Quality New Blades
  • Used for quilting and DIY projects
  • Idea for scrapbooking

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Our Score: 34

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