<b>Get Creative and Crafty with These Ready to Paint Picture Frames...</b> <br><br><b>Great for Special Occasions:</b> You can create custom center pieces, personalized party favors, <br>or use these frames as table designators to help your guests to their assigned seats with ease. <br><br><b>Fun Children's Activity Time:</b> Classroom crafting time will be perfect for you and your students with these unfinished wood picture frames. <br>Creating gifts for parents, friends and other family members during classroom activity time will be an amazing idea. <br><br><b>Marvelous Gift Idea:</b> These frames will be perfect for any crafty person, or you can insert a photo and be a thoughtful gift giver. <br>Get it before Christmas, and have it delivered by Amazon's reindeers. <br><br><b>The DIY Crafting Wood Picture Frames Will Help You To:</b> Display your photos, favorite memories, vacation pictures in frames customized by yourself. <br>Arrange fun activity and craft time with your kids, family, friends, or students. <br><br><b>Specifications:</b> <br><b>Material:</b> Unfinished Wood <br><b>Color:</b> Natural <br><b>Each Frame's Dimensions:</b> Fits a 4" x 6" Photo <br><br><b>What is in the Package:</b> 3 Unfinished Crafting Wood DIY Picture Frames with Front Glass Protection

Product Features

  • Amazing Quality Frames: Unlike other unfinished wood picture frames these 4" x 6" ones come with a front glass photo protection. Once customized to your taste the well-constructed design for keep you satisfied for a lifetime.
  • Utilize It in Various Ways: With good workmanship, these frames are built to satisfy the needs of every crafty person with its configurable design. Utilize each one wall mounted, on a desk surface vertically or horizontally.
  • Perfection at Your Fingertips: Freeze time with frames personalized specifically by your taste, you can take a walk down memory lane with mementos, vacation pictures, family photos and so much more.
  • Get Creative with Art and Crafts: There are endless possibilities to get crafty with these frames, the unfinished wood perfectly accepts paint. Write inspirational quotes, draw illustrations, and whatever takes your fancy.
  • Easily Keep Track of Your Budget: With this bulk purchase you can create personalized gifts for any occasion or holiday without hurting the bank account. You can also create fun crafting time with these frames at an affordable cost. Get together with family, friends, students and others who enjoy and love art and crafts as much as you do.

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